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Award winning Gunfighters for Hire, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and original authentic old west re-enactors in Pioneertown, perform FREE comedy skits and have the best dad-burn wild-west shoot-outs on Mane Street.  For a wagon load of live old-west style action, wild-west excitement, and fun for the entire family, come see us and see the difference! We’ll be waitin’ for ya pardner!  Currently, a chapter in Stevensville, MT is being organized.  Members needed.

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Filming and need clothing or props?  Gunfighters for Hire has acquired over the years lots of goodies that may be useful to your next western film.  We are currently cataloging and creating pages to display what is available for rent. Click Here! 

No reproduction or use of photographs without the express written permission from Gunfighters for Hire. Photographs and/or videos taken during performances for use on any other media, including websites, must have permission from Gunfighters for Hire.