Gunfighters for Hire contributors help us offset costs to help bring western education to our visitors and donations to those that need our help.  Remember that donations to Gunfighters for Hire can affect your taxes since it would be a donation to a charitable organization.  Donate cash, boat, airplane, car, property.  For some donations, it may be necessary to obtain a certified appraisal prior to the donation.  Upon request, we can provide a receipt to verify your donation.

$1000 and Over

Home Depot, Yucca Valley & Palm Springs  

$500 - $999

$250 - $499
First Assembly of God Church, 29 Palms
Adventure Hummer Tours, Palm Desert

$100 - $249
Mr. & Mrs. Mitch Roberson, Orange County

Home Depot, Rancho Mirage

Over $50 and Under $100