Ceremony Selections

There are many different ceremonies to choose from. Depending on your personal preference, either long or short, may include sand, unity candle, flower, wine, rose, children, modern, Quaker or Medieval, take your pick. Then there are the selections of the readings, vows, ring vows, ribbon, knot tying, dove release or breaking of the glass. Ceremonies are meant to be flexible and fun. You make the choice. It’s your wedding.

  • General – fully complete
  • General – slightly different
  • General w/ sand
  • General w/ vows & candle
  • General w/ rose
  • General – including children
  • General – short & sweet
  • General – modern alternative
  • Religious – fully complete
  • Religious – roses for mothers
  • Religious – including children and rose ceremony
  • Religious – including children and unity candle
  • Christian medieval ceremony
  • Religious – Quaker
  • Alternative Commencement
  • Alternative Commencement – Spiritual
  • Flower ceremony
  • Wine ceremony
  • Family wine ceremony
  • Dove release
  • Ribbon ceremony
  • Nuptual knot
  • Rose exchange ceremony
  • Breaking the glass

You can write your own ceremony, start to finish. From traditional to futuristic. Have fun. Make memories to last a lifetime.